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Prosfora means “offering” and is made by members of the Orthodox faith as altar bread for celebrations of the Divine Liturgy. Anyone is welcome to join our baker rotation.  Recipe will be provided.  If you are interested, contact

24 December SubDeacon Michael D. Nativity of our Lord
26 December reserve Divine Liturgy
31 December Natasha J. Circumcision of our Lord
2 January 2022 reserve Divine Liturgy
6 January Myrna S. Theophany
9 January Reserve Divine Liturgy
16 January Mike J. Divine Liturgy
23 January Reserve Divine Liturgy
30 January SubDeacon Michael Divine Liturgy
2 February Tina L. Meeting of our Lord
6 February Reserve Divine Liturgy
13 February Anastasia B Divine Liturgy
29 February Reserve Divine Liturgy
27 February Reader John Divine Liturgy



A very meaningful project for the Orthodox Christian is to bake a loaf of altar bread (prosfora) and bring it to church for the liturgy. The significance of the bread may be explained as follows. The offering bread represents Jesus Who is the Bread of Life. It is baked by someone in the congregation and brought to the priest for each liturgy.

A special seal is stamped on top of the loaf before it is baked. The middle part of the seal contains a square piece of bread with the words IC, XC, NIKA. This is a Greek abbreviation for JESUS CHRIST CONQUERS. Since this is the piece that will be changed into the Body of Christ, it is called the Lamb of God. A large triangular piece is removed from the left of the Lamb of God and placed on the paten. This represents the Virgin Mary. Then nine smaller triangular pieces are removed from the seal to commemorate the angels, prophets, apostles and saints of the Church. These are placed on the paten to the right of the Lamb of God. Following this, the priest prays for the living members of the congregation, especially for those whose names have been submitted to him. As he prays for each name he cuts a small piece of bread, representing the person prayed for, and places it immediately below Jesus, the Lamb of God. Finally, he removes a piece of bread for each deceased person for whom we have requested prayers. Thus, around the Lamb of God on the paten is gathered the entire Church consisting of the angels, saints and loved ones in heaven together with members of the local congregation. ALL are alive in God's presence and all constitute the one living Body of Christ.

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